Eliza Squibb

Square_Eliza Squibb_7360.jpg

Eliza Squibb uses textile design to bridge the worlds of art and science. Through her work with GAIA Vaccine Foundation, a Rhode Island nonprofit with the mission of infectious disease prevention in West Africa, Eliza has created fabric patterns, produced in West Africa and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that use vivid visual imagery to spread health messaging for women’s reproductive health in Mali and Guinea. Her research on traditional art practices has taken her to Tunisia and the Peruvian Amazon, where she organized design workshops in Yine-Yami, Shuar and Shipibo indigenous communities. She is honored to spend every Saturday morning with talented teen artists at Project Open Door, where she is an instructor for the Rhode Island School of Design college access program. Eliza’s latest adventure is co-founding a social enterprise, Z Twist Design, to work with international artists in the design of visual communication tools to reduce health and education disparities in low-resource settings.

Fellowship Focus: Develop a collaborative design process with international artists to create culturally relevant health messages that improve information equity for low-resource communities.