Jonatan Konfino, MD, MSc

Konfino, Jonatan.jpg

Jonatan Konfino is a medical doctor and researcher at CEDES, one of the premier research centers in Argentina, focusing on social medicine, health literacy, mentorship and non-communicable diseases. He previously completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Effectiveness and is a current PhD candidate in Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. He is a professor in Public Health at the Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche, a public university in the outskirts of Buenos Aires where more than 90% of students are the first generation of professionals in their families.

Working as programs coordinator and then as a National Directorate at the National Ministry of Health (2010-2015), he played a role in adding the NCD epidemic to the political agenda. He designed the national health promotion agenda, implemented strategies to decrease the burden of vectorial diseases, and improved the national health surveillance system, among other initiatives.