Stephen Sevalie, MBChB

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Stephen Sevalie is a psychiatrist with a background in public health and development management. He is the Executive Director and Founder of Sustainable Health Sierra Leone and a Lecturer in the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences.  His broad background and experience working with the Republic of Sierra Leone armed forces, teaching, performing research and engaging in clinical practice in the context of limited resources has provided him a unique skill set to support health initiatives in disadvantaged populations.

As one of only two psychiatrists in Sierra Leone, his vision is to see equitable health systems that fully integrate mental health. He is currently working on reducing the treatment gap for mental illness in Sierra Leone through use of telemedicine. Dr Stephen Sevalie received his MBChB from the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, Sierra Leone; MSc in Development Management from the Institute of Public Administration and Management, Sierra Leone and Masters in Medicine (Psychiatry) and Public Health training in the University of Nairobi, Kenya.