Dr. Jose Alberto Plascencia Jimenez is a medical doctor from Guadalajara, Jalisco with experience leading the scientific response to the HIV prevention strategy in Jalisco, Mexico.

He received his medical degree from Universidad de Guadalajara, and furthered his knowledge at Hospital Civil de Guadalajara's HIV Unit, learning about health disparities and the profound impact of social and structural injustices.

Between 2020-2022, he saw firsthand the erosion of healthcare from systemic neglect while working in the emergency department of a community hospital. Driven by a passion for equity and changing governance, he is pursuing a Master of Science in Biostatistics with a concentration in data analytics in health policy at New York University.

He aims to develop the building blocks of evidence-based healthcare policies that put people at the center, changing the structural participation and engagement paradigm, and prioritizing cultural sensitivity and epistemic justice, with the vision of creating more equal health systems.
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