The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity program blends in-person and online learning to build comprehensive knowledge of national and global health disparities.


Initial Convening

Provides an opportunity for our cohort to develop a shared knowledge base and identity.

Mid-Year Convening

Explores global health equity with a focus on the experience of low and middle income countries.

Community & Collaboration Convening

Brings together fellows to create opportunities for community building, ongoing learning and collaboration.

Final Convening

Reflection on the year's personal and professional growth, focusing on skills building for long term success.


  • Child Health, Poverty, Development Inequity
  • Health Finance and Big Data Inequity
  • Disability Health Inequity
  • Mental Health and Mental Disorder Inequity
  • Rural Health Inequity
  • Non-Communicable Disease Inequity
  • Health Information System Inequity in LMIC
  • Elderly Health Care Inequity
  • Leadership & Organizing
  • Public Narrative
  • Mapping Actors and Assets
  • Relational Strategies
  • Conditions for Effective Teams
  • Distributing Leadership
  • Participative Management
  • Collective Action

Mentorship & Coaching

Fellows are given mentors that provide support and offer guidance and career development advice while putting the fellowship year in perspective. This fosters connections and network building within health equity and related fields. One-on-one coaching sessions are also an integral part of the fellowship, aimed to help fellows explore challenges in the application of leadership frameworks, the implementation of health equity projects, and provide an opportunity for reflection and feedback. 

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