Havana, Cuba
September 12 -16, 2023

In partnership with The Care Lab, the AFHE Senior Fellows community is coming together to engage in dialogue with the Cuban people and learn about their experience with a health system that has been lauded internationally for its achievements, while bearing witness to the complex realities of life in Cuba.  

Convening FAQs

Buildings in Cuba



Senior Fellows will be traveling to Cuba to broaden and deepen their understanding of complex issues and learn from each other about various approaches to drive change. Please spend some time getting to know each and the work you all do.

Meet the Fellows

Buildings in Cuba Buildings in Cuba

Recommended Reading + Viewing

Below are recommended reading and viewing (click on the headers to expand) to help you understand the political and social context of Cuba. The Cuba Platform materials were produced by the current directors of CARE LAB during their collaboration with the Atlantic Fellows programs.

Current ChallengesCuba during Covid-19Cuba Platform VideosCuba 101BooksDocumentariesFilms


  • Cuba: Between Reform and Revolution, by Louis A. Pérez
  • Cuba: What Everyone Needs To Know, by Julia Sweig
  • Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington, and Africa, 1959-1976, by Piero Gleijeses
  • Everyday Moral Economies: Food Politics and Scale in Cuba, by Marisa Wilson
  • The Myth of the Male Breadwinner: Women and Industrialization in the Caribbean (Cuba chapter), by Helen Safa
  • Revolutionary Medicine: Health and the Body in Post-Soviet Cuba, by P. Sean Brotherton
  • Revolutionizing Romance: Interracial Couples in Contemporary Cuba, by Nadine Fernandez
  • Sowing Change: The Making of Havana’s Urban Agriculture, by Adriana Premat
  • ¡Venceremos?: The Erotics of Black Self-Making in Cuba, by Jafari Allen
  • Women’s Work: Gender Equality in Cuba and the Role of Women in Building Cuba’s Future, Published by Center for Democracy in the Americas under the direction of Sarah Stephens

  • Maestra, directed by Catherine Murphy
  • Raza, directed by Eric Corvalán
  • ¡Salud!, directed by Connie Field
  • The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, directed by Faith Morgan

  • Conducta (Behavior), by Ernesto Daranas
  • Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberries and Chocolate), Directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio
  • Vestido de Novia (His Wedding Dress), Directed by Marilyn Solaya

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