Lindsley Jeremiah Villarante has ten years of health policy development experience in the national setting. He is currently the Chief of the Performance Monitoring and Strategy Management Division of the Philippines Department of Health’s Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau. Lindsley's role is to lead the management of structures, processes and systems for the UHC monitoring and evaluation. He also leads in the management of the health strategy both at the sector and organizational level. Prior to his current appointment, he also served as Chief of the Legislative Liaison Division and technical lead for sectoral planning and budget allocation. He teaches health planning and financing subjects in the Development Academy of the Philippines.

Prior to joining the government, he worked as a policy fellow and later a consultant to the Health Policy Development Program of the USAID-Philippines and was involved in national-scale operations monitoring and research. Lindsley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the Manila Doctors College and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of the Philippines-Manila.

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Equity Talk

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